Thursday, April 22, 2010

Introduction :: What’s this all about?

Want to make a difference in your software business results? Whether you are an owner, leader or practitioner, my blog can help. I'll share insights I've seen improve productivity by making you and your teams more efficient and effective. I take theory and translate it into results based on my years of experience of working in the field. Avoid learning by 'trial and error' like some of the businesses that have gone before you.

Software development is all about People, Process and Tools. Follow the press and tech-websites and they'll have you believe it's the reverse; technology, processes and then people. While most people can see through the hype – people still constantly search for the 'silver bullet' – the one-thing they believe will transform everything.

Insight #1. In reality, it's all about the people. When everyone can by-and-large buy the same technology, use the same processes and practices – whether it's traditional software development or more current agile development, the part that's different – people.

Insight #2. It's what your people do, when they do it, why they do it – that makes or breaks business success. Call it alignment if you must – in reality it's about being able to 'join the dots' between the everyday things software teams do and the outcomes and results leaders want. Results come from being productive, which means focusing teams on being effective and doing work efficiently yet paying attention to the project outcomes needed.

I work with software businesses; their CEOs, leaders and their teams helping them get the business results they want. Through it I'm continually struck by how a number of small (and sometimes not so small) strategic steps in how work is done make the difference between missing and getting those results. It's unfortunate but I've come to realize that these key steps are frequently overlooked, or their significance misunderstood by many. Only after the fact, much like "common-sense", that they're significance becomes obvious – once you know. In this blog my goal is to share these insights I've found in my consultancy work to be both significant and in some cases game-changing.

Stay Tuned.